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SOCAMIT : Invitation à l’inauguration de la Station SOCAMIT OIL Foréké-Dschang PDF Print E-mail
Written by DO SOCAMIT   
Tuesday, 03 December 2013 20:09


Vous êtes Convié à l’inauguration de la Station SOCAMIT OIL Foréké-Dschang et au lancement de son nouveau produit GAZ SOCAMIT le 13 Décembre 2013.

Votre présence nous honorera et rehaussera cet évènement.

Programme de cette journée du 13 Décembre 2013

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Welcome to Socamit Industrielle S.A. PDF Print E-mail

station-serviceSOCAMIT INDUSTRIELLE S.A. is a Camerouno-Italian industrial created in September 1997 by Cameroonians and Italian shareholders. Initially the activity was mainly oriented to forestry activities since 2003, and obtaining new licenses, SOCAMIT INDUSTRIELLE S.A. has expanded its business to another area of industrial production such as:

  • Export of crude oil in America, Asia, Europe and Africa
  • Supply of petroleum and refined petroleum products in the local market and international
  • Production and refining of palm oil
  • Production, processing and export of cotton
  • Production and export of oil and cocoa powder

SOCAMIT INDUSTRIELLE S.A. is also an international society of obedience, which relies on international partners, the proven expertise in each of the sectors in which it unfolds.

The excellent performance of
SOCAMIT INDUSTRIELLE S.A. in Cameroon and its active representation on the world market allows the company to have a variety of clients in Africa and elsewhere.

La nouvelle station service SOCAMIT OIL de Nyala déjà opérationnelle PDF Print E-mail
Written by DO   
Tuesday, 29 October 2013 15:23

Station Nyala

Dans son plan de développement très ambitieux, SOCAMIT OIL s’est fixé pour objectif de couvrir le territoire national dans la distribution des produits pétroliers. Ainsi, après la station service Ndogbong, voici celle de Nyala opérationnelle.

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